Test Run Trial Offer

Test Run Trial Offer

Test Run Trial Offer

Take Us For  A Test Run

(1) Campaign

We will launch, monitor, and optimize your personalized campaign 24/7.

(1) Custom Sales Funnel

We create a custom sales funnel that will maximize the traffic we send to it.

(4) Custom Image/Graphics Ad

We create stunning, eye-catching image/graphic ads for you.

(4) Custom Video Ad

We create must-watch video ads for you.

Daily Engagement Posting

We'll post content on your page for you.

Weekly Report

We'll keep you in the know with weekly reports that clearly show your progress.

Personal Account Manager

Your very own Account Manager that takes care of everything for you. He reports to you with new ways to increase your business, answers any questions and is always available.

8 Production Hours

Have an idea? These production hours represent how much time our design team has to create anything outside of your plan perks.

$200 Ad spend

Your ad spend is built right into your package so there are no worries every month. You can add up to $1,000 in ad spend with this package.

Take our Marketing Team for a test run! See how it feels to have all your social marketing taken care of all month long!

One-Month Trial $297